Radiant Defense Trio: Rose Toner, potent Vitamin C Face Serum and Sunscreen SPF50 PA+++

Original price was: ₹2459.Current price is: ₹1447.

  1. Rose Toner: Invigorate your skin with our Rose Toner. Enriched with pure rose extracts, this gentle yet effective toner restores your skin’s natural pH balance, unveiling a healthy and radiant complexion. Hydrate and revitalize tired skin while shielding it from environmental aggressors with its antioxidant-rich formula.
  2. Vitamin C Face Serum: Illuminate your skin with our Vitamin C Face Serum. Formulated with potent botanical extracts, saffron, and precious oils, this serum brightens, evens tone, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Nourish and hydrate deeply while improving texture and elasticity, revealing a luminous complexion with each application.
  3. Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++: Protect your skin from harmful UV rays with our Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++. Lightweight and non-greasy, this sunscreen provides broad-spectrum protection while preventing sunburn, dark spots, and premature aging. With a high SPF and PA rating, it ensures your skin stays shielded from both UVA and UVB rays, keeping it healthy and radiant all day long.

Introducing our exclusive Radiant Defense Trio, a curated combo featuring the rejuvenating Rose Toner, potent Vitamin C Face Serum and protective Sunscreen SPF50 PA+++. Originally priced at Rs. 2459, seize this limited-time offer at just Rs. 1147. Elevate your skincare routine with this powerful trio designed to nourish, brighten, and shield your skin.

Key Benefits:

  1. Refreshing Hydration: Our Rose Toner, crafted from the finest roses, provides a burst of refreshing hydration, leaving your skin toned and revitalized.
  2. Brightening Elixir: Infused with Vitamin C, the Face Serum promotes a radiant complexion, combating dullness and enhancing your skin’s natural glow.
  3. Sun Protection: The Sunscreen SPF50 PA+++ provides broad-spectrum protection against harmful UV rays, preventing sun damage and premature aging.

How to Use:

  1. Rose Toner:
    • Spritz on your face after cleansing or whenever hydration is desired.
    • Allow it to air dry or gently pat it into your skin.
  2. Vitamin C Face Serum:
    • Apply a small amount to cleansed and toned face.
    • Gently massage in upward motions, focusing on problem areas.
    • Allow the serum to absorb before applying additional products.
  3. Sunscreen SPF50 PA+++:
    • Apply generously to your face and exposed skin 15 minutes before sun exposure.
    • Reapply every two hours or more frequently if swimming or sweating.

Unlock the secret to radiant and protected skin with our Radiant Defense Trio. Act now as this exclusive offer is valid for a limited time.

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Radiant Defense Trio: Rose Toner, potent Vitamin C Face Serum and Sunscreen SPF50 PA+++
Original price was: ₹2459.Current price is: ₹1447.
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